5 Ways to Interact With People Who Have Disabilities

There are people out there who act a little differently than you do but who are still humans and deserving of respect. Some are physically challenged and unable to do some of the things that you can do. It is important for you to learn how to interact with those types of people.

  1. Interact with the Disabled by Treating Them as You Want to be Treated
    You do not want anyone to look at your funny or treat you unkindly. You do not want anyone to ignore you because they think that you are different. The disabled do not want any of those things, either. You need to treat those people who are a little different than you as the humans that they are and for you to deal with them in the way that you want others to deal with you.
  2. Talk to the Disabled Just as You Talk to Everyone Else
    Do not ignore the disabled when they try to start up a conversation. Do not turn away before they have the chance to talk to you. They may be looking for someone to understand them, to listen to them, and you should talk to them just as you talk to the others around you.
  3. Do Not Stare at the Disabled and Do Not Laugh at Them
    When you are out in public and you see a disabled person struggling, you should not stare at them or laugh at their struggle. Choose to look away if you find that they have worked their problem out on their own or you feel they would not want you to step in and help in some way. Choose to let them be rather than staring at them or making them feel weird.
  4. Be as Helpful as Possible When Dealing with the Disabled
    If you see a disabled person struggling and you do not think they will be able to work things out on their own, step in and help them out. If you see someone with a wheelchair struggling reach a high shelf at the store, ask them what they need and get that down for them. Be as helpful as you can be when interacting with the disabled.
  5. Show Kindness to the Disabled Even When Others Do Not
    It can be easy to give in the peer pressure around you. If everyone else is laughing at the expense of the disabled, you might be tempted to laugh, too. Do not give in to that temptation. Show kindness to those people who are struggling, even when those around you are not doing that.
    You can brighten the lives of those who are disabled when you choose to treat them like the humans that they are. Always be willing to step in and help out. Always be looking out for the needs of those people who are struggling a little more than you are and who might need some kindness – read article on who can apply for disability.

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